Chocolate Honey Walnut Brioche

Made using Star'Bake Sweet, these sinfully sweet brioche rolls are an indulgent way to start or finish the day. Soft, tender brioche is wrapped around decadent hazelnut spread and chopped walnuts then topped with a honey glaze.

Chocolate Honey Walnut Brioche

Prep Time: 2+ hours
Bake Time: 11 - 13 minutes
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Bread Flour10-100114536
Star'Bake Sweet2-20-907
Unsalted Butter1815-680
Chocolate Hazelnut Spread-----
Walnuts (finely chopped)-----
Honey Glaze-----
Carmelized Walnuts (whole)-----

Lesaffre Products Used


Using a spiral mixer, combine flour and Star’Bake Sweet and blend at a low speed for 1 minute. Add eggs, softened butter and water and blend ingredients for 4 minutes on your mixer’s first speed, and then another 6 minutes on its second speed, or until dough is fully developed. Maintain dough temperature at 78°F (26°C) while mixing.


Once the dough is fully developed, divide dough in half, and place onto a slightly dusted tray and flatten into a rectangle. Place dough into a cooler to chill for at least 1 hour.


After chilling the dough, roll out the dough to a thickness of 4 mm using a rolling pin or sheeter. Next spread an even layer of Hazelnut spread over the dough followed by finely chopped walnuts. Then begin rolling up the dough (as one would do when making cinnamon buns).


Once the dough has been completely rolled up, divide dough by slicing into 2 oz (56 g) portions and place into an oil coated and flour dusted muffin tin. Allow rolls to proof for approximately 60 minutes in a proofer.


Bake at 340°F (171°C) in a revolving oven for approximately 11-13 minutes. Remove from oven and let cool. Once cooled, apply a honey glaze to each bun and garnish with a single, whole caramelized walnut.



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Please note that other Saf-Instant, Red Star or Saf-Pro Ingredients products may be substituted in this formula. Additionally, this formula may also be modified for par-baked or frozen dough solutions. For assistance, please contact our world-class technical team at the Baking Center by calling (414) 615-4094.