100% Whole Wheat Country Boule

Featuring Lesaffre's Livendo F100, these 100% whole wheat rustic loaves are aromatic and hearty with a touch of sweetness from honey and molasses.

100% Whole Wheat Country Boule

Prep Time: 12+ hours
Bake Time: 35 minutes
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Whole Wheat Flour50-10020-
Saf-Instant Green-5.60.7-140
Vital Wheat Gluten183-600
Wheat Bran2851-
Saf-Pro Ibis Green-2.40.3-60
Livenedo F1001-2-200

Lesaffre Products Used


Blend all ingredients a mixer until the dough is fully developed. Next, allow the dough to rest for 1 hour before dividing into 21.2 oz (600 g) portions. Next, place into banettons and retard, covered, overnight in a cooler.
The next day, remove from cooler and proof before baking. Then, in a deck oven with steam bake at 420°F (215°C) for around 35 minutes until bread is browned and a firm crust has developed.


The above is a suggestion only.

Please note that other Saf-Instant, Red Star or Saf-Pro Ingredients products may be substituted in this formula. Additionally, this formula may also be modified for par-baked or frozen dough solutions. For assistance, please contact our world-class technical team at the Baking Center by calling (414) 615-4094 or sending an email to bakingcenter@lsaf.com.