Saf L.H.I.S. Frozen Dough Yeast

Product Number 47010

Saf® L.H.I.S. Frozen Dough Yeast

Saf L.H.I.S. Frozen Dough Yeast is a strain of bakers’ yeast specially designed to ensure optimum stability of yeast activity in raw frozen dough. Using Saf L.H.I.S. Frozen Dough Yeast ensures consistent gassing power throughout the life of your frozen product.


Saf L.H.I.S. Frozen Dough Yeast is kept frozen in storage and is used in its frozen state. The unique manufacturing process increases the shelf life of the yeast itself, so the yeast can be successfully used up to 2 years after its manufacture.


Technical Support

  • Significantly extends shelf life of frozen product
  • Unlike compressed yeast, which loses its activity after a few weeks, Saf L.H.I.S. Frozen Dough Yeast has consistent activity for several months
  • Reduced amount required (only 40% as much as compressed)
  • Free-flowing granules for easy and accurate scaling
  • Acceptable for use in automated equipment
  • Can reduce mixing time 10 – 30%, compared to compressed yeast

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