Saf-Pro Volume 3.1 (formally Ibis Green)

Product Number 27251

Saf-Pro® Volume 3.1

Saf-Pro® Volume 3.1 is a clean label bread improver that improves the consistency and quality of the dough.




Recommended Usage


Storage and Shelf Life

Technical Support

  • Improves the tolerance of the dough
  • Regulates the quality of the flour
  • Kosher Parve
  • Halal
  • Certified Non-GMO by BioChecked

Add directly to the flour at 0.1 – 0.5% of the total flour weight. Example: at 0.5%, 8 oz of Saf-Pro Volume 3.1 for 100 lb of flour (20 – 100 g Saf-Pro Volume 3.1 for 20 kg of flour).

  • Artisan breads
  • Retarded dough
  • Mixes
  • French breads
  • Ethnic breads
  • Straight dough

Product code 27650:

  • 22 lb 0.8 oz (10 kg) boxes
  • 48 cases/pallet
  • Store in cool, dry conditions in original packaging or in clean, covered container

  • Recommended shelf life for unopened package is 24 months from date of production or 3 months once opened

  • Do not leave opened bags exposed 

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